Vladimir Școlnic

Professor of composition and theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel

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Vladimir Scolnic

Professor of composition and theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel, visiting professor/ research scholar at the SMTD of The University of Michigan, the department of composition in the academic year 2015- 2016

Born in Ukraine, grew up in Romania, and emigrated to Israel, Vladimir Scolnic, composer of many works for various solo instruments, voices, chamber ensembles and orchestras is also the author of “The Forgotten Dimension: The Meaning of Pitch” books and method of developing the musical hearing through the expressive meaning of theoretically defined musical structures, “Stages And Levels Of Organization Of Parameters In A Compositional Process” an original research method of using the Set Theory for analysis and planning of a musical work, “Building And Controlling The Expressivity Of Sound Structures And Musical Processes In Performance” a practical and theoretically defined method highly and effectively enhancing the musical performance, ”Basic Contemporary Composition” a method of teaching composition based on the timbre parameter of sounds and sources of  rhythmic patterns in non-metrical frames.

Teaching Areas:

Composition, Musical Hearing and Thinking Development,  Musical Performance integrating theoretical and hearing knowledge , Issues in Contemporary Orchestration, “Sets’ Theory” in musical analysis and composition, Chamber Music.

Education and Activities

Vladimir Scolnic earned a Ph. D. summa cum laude from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and graduated the Romanian National University of Music from Bucharest as Master of Music (composition student of Prof. Anatol Vieru).

During the school years he has studied piano with the renowned prof. of piano Gina Solomon at one of the best Romanian schools of music in Bucharest.

Composer, musicologist, pianist and teacher, Vladimir is an innovator in any field he deals with.

He developed in his music, among many other means, new types of compositional palindrome processes, integrating asymmetry and symmetry in time and space.

As musicologist, Vladimir Scolnic has built an authentic method of research in contemporary music using also concepts from the Sets’ Theory.

As teacher, he invented several innovative methods and systems related to different disciplines integrating the most advanced theoretical concepts with functional musical skills in outstanding challenging ways.

These ways are based on understanding and building the expressive significance of musical structures using proved instruments that can be applied in analysis, composition or performance of music.

Vladimir Scolnic is a former Dean of the Faculty of Theory, Conducting, Composition and Musical Education and Chair of Theory, Conducting and Composition Department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


*Prof. Dan Buciu, the rector of The National University of Music-Bucharest wrote:

 “I would like to thank you also for the workshops you have done with three classes of  students in the presence of our Academic staff. The workshop revealed a highly professional and original method of Ear development, which impressed our Academic staff as well as our students by its functional approach to the musical structures of different musical languages and by the effectiveness of the demonstrated means”

 *In the Program Book of the “XXX Festival BBK-International Festival of   Contemporary Music” which took place in Bilbao-Spain the character of Vladimir Scolnic’s music is portrayed in the following way:

 “we can find and appreciate in the pieces performed in the festival, the dimension of a  constant innovation in all musical aspects….The perpetual innovation can be appreciated in (the music of) Scolnic,…..Greco,…..Gubaidulina…..Berio….Diaz…. “

*The call  for scores of “The 18th International Review of Composers Belgrade” posts:                                     

  “The symphonic works of Louis Andriessen, Pohjola Seppo, Giacinto Scelsi, Jarmo Sermilä, Shiozaki Miyuki have been performed at the Review of Composers, alongside a  number of chamber and solo works of various authors among which the most eminent were Salvatore Sciarrino, Naoko Hishinuma, Philippe Manoury, Lojze Lebič, Zygmunt Krauze, …, Vladimir Scolnic……”


International Activities

Vladimir Scolnic was invited to participate as member of prestigious national and international juries of composition in USA, Romania, Spain, Poland, and Israel.

Various aspects of prof. Scolnic’s music have been researched in doctoral dissertations written in Europe.

He was invited to lecture, give master classes and workshops based on his ideas, methods of teaching and theoretical achievements in Universities and other higher learning institutions in USA, Columbia, Russia, Romania, Spain, Poland and Israel.

Vladimir Scolnic’s music was selected for performance in prestigious international festivals of contemporary music in Europe, Asia (also  Australia and New Zealand), USA and Israel and performed, recorded and broadcasted in United States, England, Russia, Poland, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Norway Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, and Israel.

The Israeli prime minister prize for composers was awarded to Vladimir Scolnic in 2004 and 2017.

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